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editor post on 1月 27th, 2015


We have been able to continue our project of “Matsumoto Children ‘Study-Abroad’ Foundation” with the help and support from both Japan and abroad, ever since the establishment in August 31st, 2013. We appreciate your support and cooperation from bottom of the heart.

Although we have not been able to report your support and cooperation on this webpage, today, we would like to report the support from the organizations. Some parts may be missing currently, but as soon as they are addressed, we will fill the parts. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We feel even more keenly that our project to help the children, who suffered from the 3.11 incident, would have not been continued without the benevolent support from both Japan and abroad.

We truly hope you would continue supporting us.

Supportive/Cooperative Organizations of NPO “Matsumoto Children ‘Study-Abroad’ Foundation”

The dormitory, which the children from Matsumoto city live in, has been able to maintain its operation with the help and support from both Japan and abroad.

Here, we would like to introduce the organizations that support our NPO. (Japanese alphabetical order)

The website of each organization can be seen by clicking the mark placed at the left side.

We truly hope to receive wide, consistent support to continue our project.

Sincerely.  -à For the further information, please see here.


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