The Place of Dormitory

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The Place of Dormitory(帯)

ballMatsumoto City: “The City of 3 Gakuto”

Matsumoto City is a medium sized city of 240 thousand people, known as the city of three “Gakuto.” The word gakuto has three meanings: the first gakuto (岳都) refers to the peak of the city, the second gakuto (楽都) refers to the fun you can find in the city, and the third gakuto (学都) is refers to the learning experience you can gain in the city.


1.Gakuto (岳都)

The first gakuto is known as an entrance door of Northern Alps Climbing site. You will find a beautiful plateau with fresh air and clean water.


2. Gakuto (楽都)

The second gakuto is known as a famous festival area of Saito Kinen Festival and the origin of Suzuki method.


3.Gakuto (学都)

The third gakuto is the city itself recognized as a city with modern education history.


Matsumoto city provides children with best the educational environment, along with beautiful four seasons and fun events.


ball2Website of Matsumoto City


ballMatsumoto City, Shiga District


Shiga District in Matsumoto City is a calm district surrounded by mountains, located in the north west side of the city. In the spring, fukujusho (pheasant’s eye) blooms to welcome the spring. You can spend a nice breezy summer in the plateau, and enjoy the beautiful colored leaves and seasonal foods in autumn. The winter is also amazing as the city will be covered in white snow. Shiga District is also known as “Yuki-Village”, a district promoting organic plantations.




Picture of  Shiga District (Matsumoto-City) where children’s daily activities will be centered.


ball2Website of Shiga District